FK: ECAL × MEC–ART (Fig. 1)
Fiona Krüger’s practice spans artistic disciplines, bringing together the worlds of Fine Art, Design and Horology. She has been teaching the MAS in Luxury & Craftsmanship programme at ECAL for over 10 years.Enjoying international renown and featuring regularly among the world’s top ten universities of art and design, ECAL is recognised as a leading educational institution. Their Masters of Advanced Studies (Specialising in Design and Craftsmanship for the Luxury sector) builds on Switzerland’s specialist know–how in sectors of excellence as diverse as fine watchmaking, tableware or specific techniques using noble materials.

MEC–ART Association was founded to ensure the transmission of know–how, encourage innovation, and represent the rich hub of specialist skills and unique culture pertaining to the Mechanical Arts — including music boxes and automatons — traditions recently added to UNESCO’s List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

FK: ECAL × MEC–ART (Fig. 2)
FK: ECAL × MEC–ART (Fig. 1)
ECAL’s Masters of Advanced Studies (MAS)
students are lead by Krüger to conceive and design mechanical objects in collaboration with the MEC–ART Association.
The ECAL × MEC–ART workshops have resulted in many ambitious projects, including "Mechanical Marvels", featuring five interactive installations that mix visual and sound effects. Conceived for viewers to operate the mechanical masterpieces by winding a crank, thereby bringing the various automatons to life, the installations were exhibited during the 2022 Homo Faber exhibition in Venice.

FK: ECAL × MEC–ART (Fig. 2)
FK: ECAL × MEC–ART (Fig. 1)
Design by Charlotte Therre, Chia–Ling Chang, Ebony Lerandy, Sunny Oh

Project Management by Charlotte Therre

Watch and clock maker: Denis Flageollet

Automata maker: François Junod

Music Box Maker: Nicolas Court

Mechanical Technician: Boris Masur

Wood Marqueterie: Bastien Chevalier

Cabinet Maker: Luigi Mondia

→ WIND (Clock/Music Box/Automata)
Design by Shangwei Zhou, Somchai Thumthatanuk

Design by Sarah Yao
FK: ECAL × MEC–ART (Fig. 1)
Images: ECAL & MEC–ART
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