ECAL × L’Epee 1839
FK: ECAL × L’Epee 1839 (Fig. 1)
Fiona Krüger’s practice spans artistic disciplines, bringing together the worlds of Fine Art, Design and Horology. She has been teaching the MAS in Luxury & Craftsmanship programme at ECAL for over 10 years. 

FK: ECAL × L’Epee 1839 (Fig. 2)
FK: ECAL × L’Epee 1839 (Fig. 1)
Enjoying international renown and featuring regularly among the world’s top ten universities of art and design, ECAL is recognised as a leading educational institution. Their international Masters of Advanced Studies (Specialising in Design and Craftsmanship for the Luxury sector) builds on Switzerland’s specialist know–how in sectors of excellence as diverse as fine watchmaking, tableware or specific techniques using noble materials.

L’EPEE 1839 is a world renowned Swiss clock manufacturer, instrumental in the creation of some of today’s most notable horological objects. L’EPEE’s pieces have won GPHG awards, are exhibited internationally and are part of important collections world wide.
The ECAL × L’EPEE 1839 workshops enable the creation of limited edition mechanical objects (clocks) by an international collective of Masters students. Under the guidance of Krüger, the students conceive and develop their designs. A final selection of pieces are then manufactured and commercialised by L’EPEE 1839. 

FK: ECAL × L’Epee 1839 (Fig. 2)
Time Fast D8 (Racing car) — Design by Georg Foster | 2018
Hot Balloon — Design by Margo Clavier 2018
| Time Flies — Design by Juliette Lefèvre, 2018
| Regatta — Design by Milagros Rodriguez, 2023
FK: ECAL × L’Epee 1839 (Fig. 1)
Images: ECAL & L’EPEE 1839
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