FK: L’Eepe 1839 – Vanitas
FK: FK: L’Eepe 1839 – Vanitas (Fig. 1)
Fiona Krüger’s practice spans artistic disciplines, bringing together the worlds of Fine Art, Design and Horology. L’EPEE 1839 is a world renowned Swiss clock manufacturer, instrumental in the creation of some of today’s most notable horological objects. L’EPEE’s pieces have won GPHG awards, are exhibited internationally and are part of important collections world wide.The partnership between Fiona Krüger and L’EPEE enables the creation of collectable edition mechanical objects (clocks), depicting the central themes explored in Krüger’s Skull Collection. The bespoke power reserve indicator is an example of Krüger’s affinity for mechanical story–telling: integrated into the mouth of the skull, as Vanitas loses power it starts to yawn, indicating it needs to be wound up. With a 40–day power–reserve, this monthly ritual gives each Vanitas owner a moment to stop and take stock of the time they have. The Skull is the ultimate symbol of life, death and human experience — as such it has played a key role in both Horological History and Art History. A Vanitas is a still life artwork, popular in the 1600’s, which includes various symbolic objects to remind the viewer of their own mortality.Through Fiona Krüger’s artistic approach to Haute Horlogerie and L’EPEE’s know–how, the Skull has been re–interpreted into a mechanical Vanitas for the 21st Century.

FK: FK: L’Eepe 1839 – Vanitas (Fig. 2)
Our approach involves several crucial steps to bring Fiona Krüger's Skull Collection to life as a mechanical wall clock. Collaborating with L'EPEE 1839, we co–developed and manufactured this unique design. We focus on mechanical storytelling, crafting a bespoke "yawning" power reserve indicator to enhance its charm and functionality. Our research and development efforts are dedicated to formulating production processes and decorative techniques that uphold the standards of excellence. Throughout this endeavour, meticulous project management ensures seamless coordination and execution, resulting in the realisation of this exceptional timepiece.
FK: FK: L’Eepe 1839 – Vanitas (Fig. 2)
FK: FK: L’Eepe 1839 – Vanitas (Fig. 1)
Images © FIONA KRÜGER & L’EPEE 1839
Categories: Co–development and Manufacturing with L’EPEE 1839, R&D in Mechanics and Decorative techniques for mechanical storytelling, Project Management
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FK: Vanitas – Dark Edition (Thumbnail) FK: Vanitas – Dark Edition (Thumbnail alt.)
Vanitas – Dark Edition
31,500 CHF
FK: Vanitas Jade (Unique Piece) (Thumbnail) FK: Vanitas – Dark Edition (Thumbnail)
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Vanitas Emerald (Unique Piece)
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FK: Vanitas – Dark Edition (Thumbnail) FK: Vanitas Emerald (Unique Piece) (Thumbnail)
FK: Vanitas Jade (Unique Piece) (Thumbnail) FK: Vanitas Jade (Unique Piece) (Thumbnail alt.)
Vanitas Jade (Unique Piece)
35,000 CHF
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